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This workshop explores the implications of existing collaborative care structures and cultures for technology, as well as near future Afrocentric approaches to collaborative care. This workshop will be held online in conjunction with ACM CSCW 2023 in Minneapolis, MN, USA.

The importance of collaborative care in Africa cannot be over emphasized, and for this reason, it is important to bring together CSCW and HCI researchers working in this context to discuss current and future collaborative technology trends. Advances in Artificial Intelligence, Human-Computer Interaction, Telemedicine, genomics etc., have resulted in a variety of digital health and care interventions which are permeating the African continent. The African context has different implications for the success of any technology interventions, and there are significant differences between countries and regions that are often overlooked in western-focused approaches to innovation and research in CSCW and HCI. This workshop will take a decolonized perspective with the intention of exploring past, current and future research on participatory and context specific interventions that are unique to lived experiences of health and care on the African continent.

This workshop will bring together researchers working on digital health and care projects in Africa to discuss. Together we will highlight existing challenges in technology enabled collaborative care, differentiate them from established challenges in the Global North and identify design opportunities. This workshop will contribute to the growing attention shown to the African continent in CSCW and HCI research more broadly. As it is important to allow for hybrid participation to encourage involvement beyond those who can travel to CSCW, the workshop will be hosted online using an accessible video-conference platform that will encourage and support engagement in the form of chats, breakout rooms and live captions.

Interested participants from academia should make two-to-four-page submissions in ACM CHI format that report on work-in-progress, position papers, or reflections on past research on collaborative care in Africa. These papers will be assessed on their appropriateness to the workshop call, their alignment with the workshop themes and their potential to provoke discussion at the workshop. They will be juried by the organisers of the workshop. Other participants such as clinicians or Digital Health enthusiasts will be encouraged to submit reports, posters, or short 90 second videos with their tailored biographies. We are open to multi-presentation formats.

Please use the following link to access the templates:

LaTeX authors need to use the template which is available here , and insert the acmsmall call.

Overleaf authors need to use the template here , and use the acmsmall call.

Note: In preparing revisions, authors should continue using the template they had used for their original submissions.

No minimum or maximum length is imposed on papers. Rather, reviewers will be instructed to weigh the contribution of a paper relative to its length. Typical papers are under 10,000 words.

All submissions should be submitted to by 25th August AOE.

More information on the workshop can be found on the website: and more information on CSCW can be found here:

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