1. 10th JULY 2023 : Call for participation advertised widely
2. 25th AUGUST 2023: Submission deadline for authors
2. 15th SEPTEMBER 2023 : Submission deadline
3. 8th SEPTEMBER 2023: Notification of acceptance
3. 22nd SEPTEMBER 2023: Notification of acceptance
4. 18th SEPTEMBER 2023: Camera-ready papers/other submissions due
4. 29th SEPTEMBER 2023: Camera-ready papers/other submissions due
5. 14th OCTOBER 2023: Workshop

Tentative Workshop Schedule
1. Introduction by Pharm. Tim Arueyingho: 5 minutes
2. Opening Keynote by Professor Nicola Bidwell: 10 minutes
3. Lightning talks A:
– Dr. Caylee Cook (University of Witwatersrand, South Africa): 10 minutes
Mazi Umntanakho: A Digital Tool for Social Emotional Development And Mental Health Of Young Children

– Pharm. Margaret Wonah (The Diabetes care Network/Zipline Africa): 10 minutes
Context-Specific Factors Enhancing the Use Of Digital Solutions/Tech In T2dm Management In Nigeria

– Saka Abiola, BSc., MSc. (University of Bristol): 10 minutes
A multi-modal machine learning framework for psychosis prediction in an Afrocentric context: sleep and behavioural approach

4. Online break: 15 minutes
5. Lightning talks B:
– Dr. Damiete Lawrence (Cinfores Nigeria): 10 minutes
The Impact of Digitial Technology On Healthcare Delivery In Africa

– Ipoto Itiafa Akerejola, BSc., MSc., CAMS (Amazon UK): 10 minutes
Afrocentric Healthcare and Finance AML Considerations

– Hilda Owii, BSc, MSc. (African Population and Health Research Center): 10 minutes
Understanding the meanings and Anticipation of Long Term Care among Older Adults and their Families in an Urban Slum in Nairobi, Kenya

6. Panel discussion: 30 minutes [Facilitator: Dr. Amid Ayobi]
[Professor Anicia Peters, Dr. Makuochi Samuel, Assoc.Prof. Oussamma Metatla, Dr. Hadiza Ismaila, and Dr. Jacki O’Neill]

7. Question and Answer session: 10 minutes

8. Closing Keynote by Rockefeller Zimba (NHS, UK): 10 minutes

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